Sinding, Knud


Born: Arhus, 1875
Died: Solbjerg, 1946

Sinding, Knud (1875-1946)

Knud Sinding was educated at the Royal art academy in 1902 and was a pupil of the master painter Zahrtmann at the art school of Zarthmann from 1895-97. Sinding is known for his great impressive colors and is known for his Sunlit landscapes from Italy and the powerful open landscapes from Jutland, Denmark.

Sinding's amazing colors and fat brush strokes was not popular in the beginning and Sinding was refused several times at the Royal art academy before the professors finally realized his brilliance. Today his works is considered highly sought after and is in high demand.

Sinding has traveled in Germany and numerous times in Italy in cities like Firenze, Verona and Venezia. Exhibitions: Charlottenborg: 1898-1947 - The artists fall collection: 1907-13. - Glaspalast, Munchen, Germany: 1909. - The pupils of Zarthmann, Ovenlyssal: 1926. - The artists union of 18th Nov: 1942-45. - The union of national art: 1950.