Wennerwald, Emil August Theodor


Born: Copenhagen, 1859
Died: Copenhagen, 1934

Wennerwald was a landscape painter, and nature was his beloved friend and inspiration. Wennerwald passion for nature and forest sceneries brought him to countries like Norway, Italy and Germany where he stayed to paint. Wennerwald is known to follow the “traditional”Danish landscape painting style, using light green colors with dark green shadows like the fellow artist Niels Skovgaard. Wennerwald is a highly admired artist and has been exhibited many times in both Germany and Denmark.


  • Took drawing lessons from Carl Wurtzen and was a pupil of the Painter Carl Wilhelm Hansen.
  • 1878-81: Attended the royal academy of art.
  • 1884: pupil of the Danish master painter Kroyer at his art school.


  • Charlottenborg in Denmark: 1882-1921
  • Dresden: 1889
  • Berlin: 1890
  • Lubeck :1895
  • Anton Hansens Artgallery: 1916-17
  • Bergenholz Artgallery: 1920
  • Einer Heusers Artgallery: 1921