Bredsdorff, Johan Ulrik


Born: Skerninge, 1845
Died: Birkerod, 1928

Johan Ulrik Bredsdorff (1845-1928):


  • Charlottenborg: 1870-1929 and in 1959.
  • Chicago: 1893
  • Art exhibition Nord: 1883 and 1888
  • Sölleröd: 1982
  • Exhibition Sea and land: 1983

Educated at the Royal Art academy in Copenhagen in 1868 where he was a pupil of Wilhelm Kyhn. He Later attended the model school of F. Vermehren in 1876.

Bredsdorff was a close friend of and often compared to artist Godfred Christensen. Bredsdorff is best known for his special light, often painting sunlit landscapes with sunbeams entering the trees or reflective lakes or ponds.

Bredsdorff later worked as a drawing teacher at Birkeröd school in Denmark.