Dohm, Heinrich August Emil


Born: Copenhagen, 1875
Died: Copenhagen, 1940

Dohm painted many portraits in the periods 1900- 1915. It was in this period that Dohm portrayed the former king of Denmark Christian X, and gained immediate success. Later on in the 1920´s Dohm became a household name and highly admired. Dohm´s popularity in that period gave him freedom to experiment with his painting technique and many of his portaits got a very special mix of Naturalistic and Impressionistic views.


  • Educated at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen in 1898
  • Pupil of Otto Bache and Frants Henningsen.


  • 1895. Germany
  • 1909. Paris
  • 1911-12. Holland and Belgium
  • 1925. London
  • 1934. Italy

Exihibtions :

  • Charlottenborg: 1896-1913, 1915-40; 1922, 1931; 1908-09, 1911;
  • Berlin:1912