Canal Scene (1900's)

Koch, Max Friedrich (1859 - 1930)

Canal Scene

Canvas Giclee

8"x12" $145.00
12"x18" $270.00
16"x24" $445.00
20"x30" $665.00
24"x36" $930.00

Paper Giclee

8"x10" $30.00
13"x19" $65.00
17"x22" $99.00

Oil on Canvas: 13" x 19"
Catalog# KOCM-001

Early 1900's

Max Friedrich Koch (1859-1930)

A german artist born in Frankfurt. He studied art at the Free University in Berlin.

Later he taught art at the Berlin Royal Institute for applied arts. Koch not only painted, but explored photography in the late 1800’s. Koch was known mainly as a decorative & historical painter.