From weddings and corporate events, to holiday and anniversary parties, let one of America's finest galleries host your event. At Hope Gallery and Museum of Fine Art we strive to bring the highest level of sophistication and professionalism to your special occasion. Our beautifully renovated two-story building, built in 1916 by prominent NYC architect Walter J. Cooper, its historic stained glass ceiling, and our unique collection of European masterpieces offer a plentiful space and an elegant ambiance.

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Dear Hope Gallery and Museum of Fine Art,

On behalf of the University of Pennsylvania’s Chemical Engineering Department, I’d like to thank you for working with us to have a magnificent reception at the Hope Gallery and Museum of Fine Art. We were very proud to host our alumni and friends in such a beautiful and inspiring location.

Four years ago when the American Institute of Chemical Engineers met in Salt Lake City, we had our reception at the Salt Palace Convention Center. It is a wonderful facility for conventions but all the university receptions had a theme and variation of mediocrity. In the last three years we have established a reputation for unique and memorable receptions and we were looking for some place special when we returned to Salt Lake City for the 2010 meeting.

From the moment our guests arrived, we received accolades. Our 200 guests were so impressed and questioned how we found such a lovely venue. Thank goodness for the Internet! It was hard to believe that such a classy location even existed. In addition, it was reasonably priced and your close proximity to the convention center was a real plus.

We were thrilled with your suggestion of Culinary Crafts as a caterer. After I called them, I knew that we couldn’t seriously consider anybody else. They lived up to our very high expectations. Their food was excellent but their unique presentation with floating trays was exceptional.

Camilla, it was a pleasure to work with you! We loved the personalized attention. Hanging the PENN banner in one of our other locations would have involved bringing in a union with a hefty price tag. You managed to do it graciously with just a smile. The soft classical music in the background was perfect too.

One of my favorite comments was, “Of all the receptions, yours was the only one with taste and culture.” Thanks for helping to make this possible.

Sincerely, Diane Seider