An Unwanted Sales Pitch (1936)

Friedlander, Julius Max (1867 - 1958)

An Unwanted Sales Pitch

Original: Hope Gallery Collection
Oil on Canvas: 31" x 28"
Catalog# FRIJ-001

Set at the entrance of Bakken, the world’s oldest amusement park in Denmark, weekenders from all over Copenhagen have to come play at the park. A stout gentleman and his family passing through the entrance are met by børste børn, ‘brush children‘, and watched by two beggars nestled between the fence and a large tree. The børste børn were a group of young children who would sell brushes (for grooming, shoe-shining, brushing velvet, etc.) to wealthy travelers. The stout man, dawning an upper-class ensemble, shoos away the young barefoot boys with his walking stick. He flaunts his wealth by displaying his full coin purse on the outside of his jacket. The man’s left arm is behind him, pulling his sleeping daughter in a green cart, while is wife attends to the their leashed pug. His family is followed by a procession of travelers.

Exhibited at the Charlotteborg Palace, DK in 1836.