The Picnic (1891)

Jacobsen, Ludvig Carl Gustav (1890 - 1957)

The Picnic

Original: Salt Lake City
Oil on Canvas: 22 x 26
Catalog# JACL-002

Ludvig Jacobsen was a master in drawing and worked as a book and newspaper illustrator and a cartoonist at the Danish newspaper "Dags Pressen". He later changed his media to oil paintings, where he became strongly inspired by the old masters like Delacroix, Rubens and J. Corot. Jacobsen loved the theater and became well known for his portraits of famous classical plays by Moliere and Holberg. He received the highly esteemed honor to decorate the Royal Danish Theater, where his work is visible to this day. Jacobsen has traveled in Germany, France and Spain and has been frequently exhibited all around Europe. He is also known for his charming children paintings and landscapes.


  • Charlottenborg: 1919-58
  • Salon du Paris, France: 1928-29
  • Art gallery of Gummesons, Sweden: 1936
  • Artists union of 18th Nov:1937-1942
  • Artists of Dyrehaven: 1952-57

Travels abroad:

  • Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden: 1923
  • France and Spain: 1929