Lobsters and Peacock Still Life (1905)

Gottlieb Kricheldorf, Hermann J.

Lobsters and Peacock Still Life

Original: Hope Gallery Collection
Oil on Canvas: 47" x 61"
Catalog# GOTK-001

A vibrant display of delicacies and luxury, this still life offers abundance and beauty to the viewer. Bright colors of red, gold and green bring this table of decadence and taxidermy to life. The stuffed peacock is in full plumage with head cocked and crest displayed from an angle. A ceramic serving dish is placed atop its body with foreign feathered wings holding it in place. To the right of the peacock lays a metal tray holding fruits and foil-wrapped candies and chocolates. Beside them are three elegant glasses of different size and shape. To the left stand two decorative urns, one made from a seashell, the other from ornate and polished brass. Two cooked lobsters are placed up against each other on a metal serving platter with parsley and what appear to be slices of lemon. Tea and coffee is served in hand-painted porcelain. The spread is presented on a deep, red tablecloth before a backdrop of a lush, vast landscape and elaborate statued fountain.

This piece is highly dramatic due to the full plumage of the Indian blue peacock, the deep vibrant colors, the decadent spread and polished metals.