A Dispute, Town Hall, Danzig (1800's)

Hansen, Heinrich (1821 - 1890)

A Dispute, Town Hall, Danzig

Original: Hope Gallery Collection
Oil on Canvas: 29" x 44"
Catalog# HANHE-001

Late 1800's

Set in an elaborate room in the town hall, a couple are engaged in a heated dispute with town officials in Danzig, Poland. The room is highly ornate -- gilded wall to ceiling. Framed by sophisticated workmanship, large and grand-scale portrait, landscape and historical paintings adorn the surfaces of the room. Intricate finials hang from the ceiling and a grand bench, upholstered in a dark red pattern, encircles the room. A great fireplace protrudes from the wall behind the seated officials. Two carved, and bare males hold the extravagant mantle above them. The main light source is behind the viewer unseen, most likely coming from a window similar to the one open revealing a red brick building.

The architectural styles embody elements of the ornate Baroque and Rococo eras. The tiled floor and open door in the left background give the piece depth, while the protruding objects of the room offer dimension.