Forest Stream (1849)

Carlsen, Carl Christian Edward Otto (1855 - 1917)

Forest Stream

Original: Hope Gallery Collection
Oil on Canvas: 22 x 16
Catalog# CARC-003

Carl Carlsen ( 1855-1917)

Carlsen was a pupil of F.F Helsted and C.V Nielsen at the Royal Academy of Arts in 1874 and attended drawing classes in 1879. Carlsen worked primarily with landscapes and figure scenes. His works were known for their great story-telling qualities, often a hiding point or story in his works.

Carlsen worked primarily around Denmark, yet also lived and worked in Paris from 1882-1883. Exhibitions: Charlottenborg: 1878-1904. – The artists union:1882. – Nord Art Exhibition: 1883-1888. – City hall, Copenhagen: 1901.