The Student (1800s)

Bloch, Poul (1869 - 1946)

The Student

Original: Hope Gallery Collection
Etching: 8 x 8
Catalog# BLOP-003

Bloch, Poul (1869-1946)


  • 1883-88 - Scholarship and Study at the royal academy under the artist C.N. Overgaard, ending with a gold medal at his graduation.

Medals & Awards:

  • 1888 - Gold medal at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen
  • 1889 - National Exhibit Medal
  • 1900 - Bronze Medal in Paris
  • 1902 - Bielke Medal


  • 1894-97 - Paris, France


  • 1888-1900 - Charlottenborg Palace Exhibits
  • 1888 - Nordic Exhibition
  • 1900 - Paris Exhibition


Poul Bloch showed such talent at an early age, that many thought he would be as great, if perhaps not greater, than his father Carl Bloch. However, around the turn of the century at the age of 29 he began to show signs of a disease of the mind, which by 1905 rendered him completely unable to paint. The few paintings he was able to complete were mostly portraits, a few genre paintings, and 4 or 5 etchings. Most works of Poul Bloch hang in museums, cathedrals, and private collections.

It is a commonly stated opinion since 1905, that Denmark and the world was robbed of one the most promising artists of his time, due to the sudden tragedy that struck Poul Bloch.