Carnation Still Life (1900's)

Heilman, Flora (1872 - 1944)

Carnation Still Life

Canvas Giclee

16"x12" $240.00
21"x16" $400.00
24"x18" $500.00
32"x24" $835.00
40"x30" $1,270.00

Paper Giclee

10"x8" $30.00
19"x13" $65.00
22"x17" $99.00

Oil on Canvas: 22" x 16"
Catalog# HEIF-001

Early 1900's

Artist: Flora Rosalia Heilmann (1872-1944)

  • Born June 22nd 1872 in Copenhagen, DK, daughter of artist Oluf August Hermansen and Marie Nicoline Mathilde Andersen.
  • Married (Priest) Lorentz Peter Heilmann February 27th 1896.
  • Died June 30th 1944.


  • 1906 - Studied under F. Vermehren.

Travels & Stays:

  • Færøe Islands 1896-1906, 1920-1930.

Awards & Acknowledgments:

  • 1920’s - Travel grant from the Danish Artist Association.


  • 1913-24 - Spring Exhibition at Charlottenborg Palace.
  • 1922 - Fall Exhibition at Charlottenborg Palace.
  • 1924, 26, 27, 30, 32-42 - National Artist Association Exhibit


In 1896 after her marriage to Lorentz Heilmann, they traveled to the Færoe Islands in Denmark, where they lived for 10 years. During that period, Flora painted what has now become a historical collection of life and times from the Færoe Islands. These paintings were donated to the library in Torshavn, DK, and have become a big cultural phenomenon for the Islands and its visitors. Depicting what is now a forgotten world.

After her 10 years in the Færoe Islands, she and her husband moved to Arhus, DK, where she returned to painting her famous floral and fruit paintings, due largely to the influence of F. Vermehren.