Peeking into Fathers Studio

Adler, Edmund (1876 - 1965)

Peeking into Fathers Studio

Oil on Canvas: 20 x 16
Catalog# ADLE-001

Two young children, brother and sister, hand-in-hand, enter into their father’s study. They appear to be frozen, knowing that they must enter with caution as they have been told not to pester their father. The boy is holding a black cap with a white feather, apparently to aid in offering some news. The children are of the same height, and perhaps the same age. The young girl has wrapped a yellow handkerchief around the shoulders of her blue top. She dons a dark red skirt with white stockings and black shoes. Her hair is up, but has many curly fly-aways crowning her head. Her brother is dressed in a white, long-sleeved collared shirt with a green vest, brown cropped pants, red socks and shiny black shoes. They both don beautifully chubby, red cheeks and fair, pale skin and stand shorter than the door handle – scaling their size. Next to the young boy sits a chair with its seat draped in a white patterned shawl. Against the chair rests an unframed, stretched canvas turned backside forward. The palette consists of deep, rich earth tones allowing the focus to stay on the angelic faces of the young siblings.

Edmund Adler was born on October 15, 1876 in Vienna, Austria. His first training was in lithography for four years, followed by three years in a graphic studio. From 1894 to 1903 he attended the Vienna Academy where he became an assistant professor in 1903.

During World War 1 (1914-18), he was a prisoner of war in Siberia. Subsequently, he exhibited with both Austrian and Russian artists and his work became popular in Vienna, Dresden and Brunn. Adler was particularly admired for his naturalism and fresh approach to color in his portraits. A genre painter of note, his paintings featuring children, continue to be favored by collectors.

Adler died in Mannersdorf on May 10, 1965.