Moonlight Over Scottish Loch (1800's)

Kiærskou, Frederik Christian (1805 - 1891)

Moonlight Over Scottish Loch

Canvas Giclee

12"x16" $240.00
16"x21" $400.00
18"x24" $500.00
24"x32" $835.00

Oil on Canvas: 14" x 19"
Catalog# KIAF-001

Late 1800's

Educated at the Royal Art Academy in 1820. Pupil of J.L Lund and private pupil of C.W Eckersberg from 1830-1835.

Kiaerskou was greatly influenced by German romantics concerning landscapes and worked in Germany and Switzerland in 1840. Kiaerskou worked primarily with landscapes and is known for his dramatic and romantic scenes from around Scandinavia and northern Europe. Kiaerskou works play a central role regarding Idealism and romantic landscapes in antique European art and is compared to the works of J.C Dahl and Ruisdael.

Exhibitions: Charlottenborg: 1826-1892. – Copenhagen university: 1843. – The world fair in Paris: 1855. – The world fair in London: 1862. – Nord exhibition: 1872-1888. – The town hall of Sölleröd: 1974. – Gl. Holtegaard: 1982.