The Fox Hunt (1900's)

Koch, Georg (1857 - 1936)

The Fox Hunt

Catalog# KOCG-001

The hunt as begun - the leader sounds the horn to call the hounds in to play. In the foreground three men in uniform are mounted on horses trotting forward. In the distance on the right we see the rest of the hunting party mounted and ready to get started. The hounds, grouped in between the party and the three uniformed men, are in full motion heading the call of the horn. The large mansion on the right balances the space lined with the dense thickness of the woods where the hunt will take place. Beside the woods and behind a marble trophy sculpture, two mounted men are still, watching the event. The green grass, woods, and shrubbery around the mansion are impressionistic. In contrast, the figures, horses and many of the hounds are realistically portrayed.

Koch, Georg (1857-1936)

Georg Koch was a very well-known German painter, woodcut and lithograph artist of the late 19th - early 20th century. Pupil of his father Carl Koch, he also studied at the Berlin Academy under K.Steffeck, P.Meyerheim and C.Gussow. Georg Koch began exhibiting in 1874. His speciality were animalist paintings depicting hunting, sporting and military (cavalry) scenes. From 1896 he was Professor of the Berlin Academy.