A Winter Stroll in Bayern, Munich (1880)

Andersen-Lundby, Anders (1840 - 1923)

A Winter Stroll in Bayern, Munich

Oil on Canvas: 20" x 32"
Catalog# ANDA-001

Exhibited at Charlottenborg Palace 1880

Artist: Anders Andersen-Lundby (1840-1923)

  • Born December 16th 1840, Alborg, Denmark. Son of Anders Andersen Uttrup & Christine Johannesdatter.
  • Married Thora Adelheid Borgesen April 4th 1865 in Copenhagen.
  • Died January 4th 1923 in Munich.


  • Self taught
  • Spent time at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen (never graduated).

Travels & Stays:

  • 1861 - Copenhagen.
  • 1876 - Munich, where he settled down for the rest of his life.
  • 1876-1923 - Traveled throughout Europe; frequented Denmark, Italy.

Awards & Acknowledgments:

  • 1883 - Asked to become a member of the Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen, but turned it down to become a professor at the Art Academy in Munich.


  • 1864-1913 - Spring Exhibitions at the Charlottenborg Palace.
  • 1882 - Artist Association Exhibit.
  • 1883 - Nordic Art Exhibit in Copenhagen.
  • 1893-94 - National Art Exhibit in Munich.
  • 1909 - National Artist Exhibit in Arhus, DK.
  • 1933 - National Treasures Exhibit in Alborg, DK.


Anders Andersen-Lundby grew up in an impoverished home in Arhus, Denmark. At an early age Anders showed a true love and talent for art. After serving in the Danish military at age 18, he decided to move to Copenhagen where, with the help and support of his parents, he was able to further his studies and career.

At the young age of 20 his skills had developed to the point of gaining much notice and respect in the Copenhagen art circles. He eventually became very popular and started exhibiting throughout Europe. He is best known for his genre paintings and poignant winter landscape paintings from Denmark and southern Germany.