Winter Sunset (1900's)

Arlberg, V.

Winter Sunset

Oil on Canvas: 23" x 35"
Catalog# ARLV-001

A crisp winter chill is felt through Arlberg’s execution of this winter scene. The chill is carried through to the viewer by the starkly barren trees, the blanket of icy snow on the grounds, and the reflective frozen pond.

The dark colors of the exposed trunks and branches of the trees are juxtaposed with the whiteness of the snow, showing the freezing of earth and time. This chilly winter scene, however, has a certain warmth to it. The warm orange, yellow and amber paints reflect not only the setting sun, but the allure of a glowing fire.

Arlberg has infused the sensations at the horizon. The chill in the air and the warmth of dusk contrast nicely against each other, allowing the viewer a comfortably sensational observation.