Tending the Poor and Needy (1888)

Lund, Frederik Christian (1826 - 1901)

Tending the Poor and Needy

Oil on Canvas: 18" x 14"
Catalog# LUNF-002

Exhibited at Charlottenborg Palace 1888 #182

Known for his skills in portraiture and genre painting, Lund has finely executed a detailed scene of charity and authenticity. In the far right, two monks patiently wait for the less-fortunate to enter into the covered doorway adorned with an image depicting Christ’s dissension from the cross. A man holding a bowl of what is most likely porridge stands in the entrance offering a meal to an approaching couple. As their eagerness shows through their outstretched arms, their hunger, gratitude and humility is revealed through their expression.

These compassionate, yet subtle scenes aid the viewer in grasping the charitable theme of the painting. Those who have received a warm meal are shown on the dirt and cobblestone street holding a bowl of porridge. A young girl stands to the right devouring her meal. As she is young and appears indifferent to the humbleness of her circumstance, she is a contrast to the pride-stricken man sitting at the doorway. Lund shows not only the differing faces of hunger, but also the emotional tolls it takes on those humbled by it.

As the stucco of the building is kissed by the golden evening sunlight, it is evident this is a meal that these people have perhaps waited all day for.

Artist: Frederik Christian Lund (1826-1901)

  • Born February 14th 1826 in Copenhagen, DK. †Died October 31st 1901 in Fredericksberg, DK.
  • Parents: Shoemaker Johan Christian Leske & Henriette Petersen.
  • Maried Axeline Mørch October 7th 1859 in Fredericksberg, DK.


  • 1838-45 - Attended The Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen.
  • 1845 - Plaster School.
  • 1846-52 - Modeling School…(1848-50 War Service with Military).

Travels & Stays:

  • 1859 - Paris, France
  • 1862-64 - Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, France and Italy
  • 1874-75 - Italy
  • 1862-64 - Rome with personal mentor and friend Carl Bloch

Awards & Acknowledgments:

  • 1849, 52 - Academy Silver Medals
  • 1853 - Neuhausen’s Prize
  • 1858, 59, 62 - Royal Academy Medals
  • 1874 - The Michael Ancher Medal
  • 1877 - Became a Council Member of The Royal Academy of Art.
  • 1896 - Became a Titular Professor at The Royal Academy of Art…”litteris et artibus” in Gold.


  • 1849-50, 52-73, 75-80, 82-91 - Spring Exhibitions at the Charlottenborg Palace.
  • 1866 - Stockholm Art Academy Exhibit.
  • 1872, 83, 88 - Nordic Art Exhibit in Copenhagen.
  • 1878 - World Exhibit in Paris
  • 1882 - International Art Exhibit in Vienna.
  • 1882, 1942 - Artist Association Exhibits
  • 1901 - Town Hall National Exhibit in Copenhagen.
  • 1878-79 - Friborg Museum Exhibit “History of the Fatherland”
  • 1988 - Christian IV & Europa Exhibit in Copenhagen…catalog# 50f, 111, 114, 160, 162, 1739.


During his service in the war, F. C. Lund created many of his well known sketches of life as a soldier and battle scenes, later used in a variety of publications. During his time in Rome, spent with famous friend and mentor Carl Bloch, Lund tried to establish himself as a leading historical period painter.

From 1845 thru 1848 Lund participated in the decoration work for the famous Thorvaldsen’s Museum. His commissions for the Fredericksborg Museum are among his better known works, along with his 1876 ceiling painting at the Viborg Cathedral.

Lund is also known for his portraits, landscapes and genre paintings typically depicting the daily life of Italians. Lund’s work is truly of the “golden age” of art.