Moving the Animals (1900's)

Mackeprang, Adolph Henrik (1833 - 1911)

Moving the Animals

Catalog# MACA-003

A young girl and boy cross an earth and stone bridge over a small brook with their four animals (two goats, a cow and a bull). The skies are blue and the afternoon sun is bright and clear. The whites of the goats fur is vibrant and catches the eye of the observer. The frolicking goat takes the eye to the rest of the group atop the bridge, which brings the eye down to the still, clear water. In the foreground the shore consists of tall, green grass, wildflowers and brush. A pile of large, round stones lay under the make-shift bridge. The blonde girl and smiling boy take the eye further back along with the winding brook. The palette is very light with strong uses of texture on the foliage in the foreground and bridge.