Deer in Forest (1870)

Rasmussen, Eiler Eilersen (1827 - 1912)

Deer in Forest

Original: Hope Gallery Collection
Catalog# RASE-002

Eilersen, Eiler Rasmussen (1827-1912)

Educated at the Royal art academy at Copenhagen in 1847. Eilersen was one of the most popular Danish landscape artists of the late 19th century. Eilersen mostly worked landscapes from the island Fyn, and on forest scenes from northern Zealand.

His works are known for their romantic charm and often worked with sunlit scenes at rivers or ponds. Many of Eilersens works have been compared with the likes of J.P. Möllers and P.C. Skovgaard. Eilersen worked and traveled all around Europe and have done a long series of landscapes from Italy, France and Germany.

Eilersen works have been in demand both in and after his lifetime and many of his works can be found in the collection of Nobles and Royal families. Exhibitions: Charlottenborg: 1849-1911. – Northern exhibition: 1872-1888. – The world fair in Paris: 1889. – The Town hall, Copenhagen: 1901. – Söllerod museum: 1982