Stagecoach Stop (1892)

Simonsen, Simon Ludvig Ditlev (1841 - 1928)

Stagecoach Stop

Canvas Giclee

8"x12" $145.00
12"x18" $270.00
16"x24" $445.00
20"x30" $665.00
24"x36" $930.00
30"x40" $1,270.00
40"x60" $2,475.00

Oil on Canvas: 16" x 24"
Catalog# SIMS-001

It is early evening on a breezy Fall day. The stagecoach has stopped for the night at an inn exhibiting a thatched roof and two barren trees. The coach driver has settled the four horses at a water trough shared by five ducks. The three travelers are exiting while an aproned man opens the barn doors to the horses stable. Cobble stones are strewn with fallen leaves and traces of an earlier rain. Beyond, to the left of the composition, a small boat approaches the shore.

The scene is chilly, yet settling as the mood of conclusion comes across to the viewer. A dusk-en light seeps through the cloud cover, saturating the palette.