Questioning the Newlywed (1876)

Thomsen, Carl Christian Frederik Jacob (1847 - 1912)

Questioning the Newlywed

Catalog# THOC-004

Three young women are the focus of this painting with nothing but a brown background behind them. Elbows linked together, the women stand closely together and are in deep conversation. The two women on the left are facing the young lady on the right, who is newly wed. What could they be asking her? They are dressed appropriately for being public, wearing hats, except the lady on the left holding hers in her right hand, whose dress is a creamy white with blue bordering and white trim lace. The young lady in the center is in a light blue dress with subtle white buttons, white trim lace and cream bordering. The newlywed on the right is in a dark navy blue dress with a blue embroidered border and white lace trim. They are portrayed delicately and extremely realistically.

Thomsen, Carl Christian Frederik Jacob (1847-1912)

Carl Christian Frederik Jacob Thomsen, 1847-1912, Painter and illustrator.. Born 4/6/1847 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Died 10/4/1912. Parents: Ludvig Frederik T. and Elise Johanne Christiane Schlegel. Married 10/13/1876 to Petra Elise Sophie Charlotte Diechmann, Born 10/4/1848 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Died 3/20/1926, Daughter of a teacher, later parish preacher in Stubbekøbing Hans Anthon Severin Lobedanz D. and Elise Cathrine Bjerring.


Student 1865; cand. phil. 1866; dimitt. af Fr. Vermehren; Copenhagen Art Academy. (studied under Wilhelm Marstrand and Ms. Vermehren) oct. 1866, graduated. June 1871.

Travels and foreign stays:

Italy 1875, 1876-77; Paris 1878, 1881, 1889; Germany 1880 (studied with Kristian Zahrtmann); Vienna 1882 (studied with Otto Haslund).

Awards & Acknowledgments:

Hielmstierne-Rosencrone 1876, 1881; Neuhausens Prize. 1879; Years medal 1887; exhibition medal. 1888; honorable Mention, Paris 1889; gold medal, Munich 1892; Antwerpen 1894; silver medal., Paris 1900; Ancker award 1903.

Positions and Appointments:

Member of the Royal Academy Council 1890-1912; member of censor commission for Charlottenborg Palace 1899-1912; titular professor, 1901; member of the Royal Art Academy council 1905-08; Member of the purchasing commission, 1907.


Charllottenborg Palace spring exhibition, 1869-1901, 1903-10, 1912- 13; Nordic Art Exhibit 1872, 1883, 1888; December exhibit at Charlottenborg Palace 1881; Erste international art exhibit, Vienna 1882; KBH Art Association 18. Nov., 1882, 1942; world exhibition in Paris 1889, 1900; International art exhibit in Berlin 1891; Kleis' harvest exhibit. 1892; Münich 1892; Antwerp 1894; Nordic art exhibition, Lübeck 1895; Konstoch Industry exhibit, Sth?. 1897; Townhall exhibit, Kbh. 1901; Jewish exhibit 1908; association for national art 1926, 1950-51, 1956, 1960; Forum 1929 (book art); what the forum left out exhibit at Charlottenborg palace 1931. Separate exhibits: art association, Kbh. 1887, 1892; assoc. for national art 1909. Auction: Charlottenborg 27.10.1913 (his estate sale).