Paying Tribute to Denmark (Allegory) (1882)

Tuxen, Laurits Regner (1853 - 1927)

Paying Tribute to Denmark (Allegory)

Oil on Canvas: 39" x 39"
Catalog# TUXL-001

Exhibited at Charlottenborg Palace 1883 #372

*Original Study for the Ceiling Mural at The Frederiksborg Castle.

Tuxen was admitted to the Royal Art Academy in 1868 at the young age of 15. He later studied with Léon Bonnat in Paris.

Tuxen became a art teacher and tourth in ”The Principe on Valeur painting” a foundation of French Naturalism. Tuxen's coworkers at the art school were master painters Kristian Zahrtmann and P.S Kröyer. The international fame and talent of Tuxen gave him a high social position, resulting in numerous requests for several works for both the British and Danish Royal family. Among his royal works he did portraits of Queen Victoria at Windsor Castle. Tuxen is considered by many as an artistic genius.

In addition to working with portraits, Tuxen traveled and did a long series of foreign landscapes from Paris, Firenze, Rome, Germany, Egypt, Palestine, St. Petersburg, Spain, Greece, Iceland, Greenland and California.

Exhibitions: Laurits Tuxen has been exhibited in Galleries and Museums worldwide like: Intl. Kunstausst; Berlin - Grosse Berliner Kunstaust; Berlin -Erste Intl. Kunstausst; Vienna - Victorian Exhibits; London - Works by Danish Painters; Guildhall London - L'art danois, Jeu de Paume; Paris - Espo. Intl.; Rome - Espo. Intl.; Barcelona - Danish National Exhibition; Brooklyn Museum - Victorian Gold Exhibition; Sydney.