Crossing the Stream (1900's)

Van Luppen, Joseph Adrian (1834 - 1891)

Crossing the Stream

Oil on Canvas: 18" x 28"
Catalog# VANL-001

This tranquil scene of a Scottish landscape offers a view of Scotland’s best, with its rolling lush hills, deep green grassy grounds, and crystal clear lakes and streams. This painting is composed of an Impressionistic backdrop of gray skies, rolling hills, and farm land on the opposite side of the stream. In the foreground, however, we see a detailed grassy and rock-laden shore where three figures push off with their load of shrubs.

The curved stream and Impressionistic backdrop removes the viewer from the scene opposite the shore we are placed on, yet the figures setting across the stream on their boat, connects the viewer – oh so slightly, to the hazy scene across the way.