Chestnut Tree in the Courtyard (1941)

Haase, Ove Malmborg (1894 - 1989)

Chestnut Tree in the Courtyard

Canvas Giclee

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Paper Giclee

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Oil on Canvas: 20" x 26"
Catalog# HAAO-001

Exhibited: The Association for National Art in 1961, lot nr. 147, and in 1972, lot nr. 33.

A massive, thick chestnut tree takes center stage of this resplendent composition. Its backdrop is a glittering, white farmhouse. Haase has placed the viewer under the hovering umbrella of its branches. The tree seems alive and unyielding, yet its placement gives it a tranquil softness. Its trunk is dark and solid, splitting in threes and branching off into finger-like branches, reaching as far as they possibly can. The leaves appear thick and heavy, weighing down the gnarling branch to the right of the trunk. Their hues of green, provided by the sun, offer a sheltering canopy to the grounds surrounding the trunk and its deeply planted roots. Haase’s great attention to detail has truly made this a masterpiece of nature-revealed.

Haase, Ove (1894-1989)

  • Born August 9th 1894 in Skanderborg, DK.
  • Died June 10th 1989 in Roskilde, DK.


  • 1914 - Began the Gustav Vermehren Art School.

Travels & Stays:

  • Periodically traveled to Italy throughout his life.

Positions & Appointments:

  • 1923 - Member of the National Association of Art.
  • 1926 - Head of the Jubilee Exhibit.
  • 1951 - Secretary of the National Association of Art.
  • 1953-1980 - Preservation of Danish Art Council Member.


  • 1930-32, 34, 37-39 - Spring Exhibitions at Charlottenborg Palace.
  • 1942 - Artist Association Exhibit.
  • 1947 - The National Association of Art Exhibit.

Ove Haase, also known as “The Dew Drop Artist” was known for his colorful and subtle landscapes, still life florals, and the 50 Year Jubilee portraits for Carlsberg; Denmark’s oldest and largest brewing company. Today the portraits hang in the “Carlsberg Portrait Gallery”.

Unknown to most, Ove Haase also contributed many articles on both living and deceased Scandinavian artists, as well as the arrangement of many “Naturalistic Art Exhibits”.