Dalmation Coast (1800's)

Vescovi, A.

Dalmation Coast

Canvas Giclee

8"x11" $135.00
12"x16" $240.00
16"x24" $445.00
20"x30" $665.00
24"x32" $835.00

Paper Giclee

8"x10" $30.00
13"x19" $65.00
17"x22" $99.00

Oil on Canvas: 14" x 20"
Catalog# VESA-001

Three fisherman crews have docked their boats full of fish for the day. The centered far west skies have begun to darken in the early evening making the water a dark purple. The three boats have been pushed ashore and are being unloaded of their cargo. They are lined up parallel with each other and linear to the horizon. The tip of the nearest boat points to the changing skies and the other boats heading to shore. The eye is lead by the flat shore to the modest town beyond. Vescovi used smooth strokes and fine surface texture for a smooth finish.