Christ Detail

Hofmann, Heinrich

Christ Detail

Engraving: 16 x 12
Catalog# HOFH-001

HEINRICH HOFFMAN German (1809-1894)

Heinrich Hoffmann was born on 13th June 1809 in Frankfurt-am-Main. He studied at Halle and became a general practitioner in Frankfurt. As a physician, Hoffman wrote books on medicine and psychiatry, but suddenly became a well-known writer thanks to 'Der Struwwelpeter' (1845), which was translated into English by Mark Twain with the title 'Slovenly Peter'. This book has been translated into many languages and is today considered to be a children's classic, yet unconventional and against any "politically correct" principles. Hoffmann also wrote poetry, comedies, and satire.

He died on 20th September 1894 in Frankfurt.