Sunny Forest Clearing (1800's)

Boesen, Johannes (1847 - 1916)

Sunny Forest Clearing

Canvas Giclee

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Paper Giclee

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Oil on Canvas: 24" x 37"
Catalog# BOEJ-004

A scene of serenity and beauty entice the viewer to bask in the high noon sun of this Danish landscape. Figures in straw hats, dispersed throughout the tall grasses surrounding the glassy pond, leisurely take advantage of their free afternoon . The viewer is placed in the clearing of the forest beside the thick, strong trunks and roots of the old oak and beech trees that make up this splendid sanctuary. The shadowy canopy of the trees contrast the bright, sunlit forest. The light, sun kissed palette of the wild flowers, grasses, and ground cover invite the observe to come out from under the shadow of the trees and bask in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

The layered paint and quick brush strokes offer a sense of depth and texture, whilst confering an impressionistic experience.

Artist: Johannes Boesen (1847-1916)

  • Born August 5, 1847 in Copenhagen DK, son of Peter Joachim Boesen and Marie Christine Sophie Frederikke Boesen.
  • Married October 10th 1883 in Fredensborg, DK, to Kunigunde Mathea Thalia Zoëga.
  • †Died September 14th 1916 in Hellerup, Dk.


  • Studied under Adjunkt Emmerik L. Hoeegh-Guldberg in Arhus, DK
  • 1863-1871- Attended The Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen
  • Studied under the famous P. C. Skovgaard
  • 1897-80 - Studied in Germany, Austria and Italy
  • 1886 - Studied in Germany, Holland, Belgium, and Switzerland

Travels & Stays:

  • 1876 - The Island of Bornholm, DK
  • 1879-80 - Germany, Italy and France
  • 1886 - Germany, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland


  • 1868-92, 1894-1917 - Spring Exhibitions at The Charlottenborg Palace
  • 1882 - National Artist Association Exhibit
  • 1883, 88 - Nordic Art Exhibit in Copenhagen
  • 1892 - Kleis Exhibit
  • 1893 - The World Exhibit in Chicago
  • 1901 - Town Hall National Exhibition
  • 1909 - National Artist Exhibit

Awards & Acknowledgments:

  • 1869 - Neuhausen’s Prize
  • 1874 - Sodring’s Prize
  • 1875 - Neuhausen’s Prize
  • 1886 - Ministry of Culture & Art Medal
  • 1894 - Year’s Medal (1st)
  • 1916 - Sodring’s Medal “Lifetime Achievement”


Johannes Boesen is known for his romantic and atmospheric landscapes, depicting forests, lakes and trees, ranging between Realistic and Impressionistic styles of painting. His favored scenes were those of spring and summer landscapes from around Denmark.

Continuing in the tradition of his mentors, his works often reflect the serene and atmospheric compositions like those of Vilhelm Kyhn and Godfred Christensen. Boesen was truly one of the last great Realist/Impressionist painters.