Work on the Old Homestead (1909)

Brasen, Hans Ole (1849 - 1930)

Work on the Old Homestead

Catalog# BRAH-004

An open view of an old homestead shows two women pushing wheel barrows heading away from the house. They are separated by ducks marching in a line. The viewer immediately sees the bright, golden sunrise peeking above the horizon and atop the chimneys. The eye is lead from the chimneys down to the home and into the foreground where the woman on the left pushes her linen-filled wheel barrel up the slope. On the far left is a well with the pump pointing back towards the house giving the eye a moment to observe the right side of the painting. Tall trees with bushy tops seem to have some sway, yet the undisturbed skirts of the women suggest there is no breeze. The only source of light is centered and brilliant, casting strong shadows as we see by the row of ducks and the wheel barrow in the foreground. Surface is smooth with little texture.