Market in Anticoli (1900's)

Budtz-Moller, Carl (1882 - 1953)

Market in Anticoli

Original: Hope Gallery Collection
Oil on Canvas: 31" x 40"
Catalog# BUDC-002

Early 1900's

Carl Budtz Möller ( 1882-1953)

Möller was educated at the Royal Art Academy in 1900. Pupil of Aug. Jerndorff, Otto Bache and Franz Henningsen. Möller later worked as an art teacher at the technical school in 1908 and was the headmaster of the Kunsthaandvaerk art school from 1914 to 1930.

Möller was influenced by master painters like Kr. Zahrtmann and traveled all around southern Europe to work. Möller became especially known for his sunlit landscapes and figure scenes from Italy and Paris where he stayed for long periods from 1907-1937.

In addition to his time spent in Italy, Möller also worked in Germany, Austria, London, and The Nederlands. His works have been exhibited around Scandinavia and in France, Italy and Germany. Exhibitions: Charlottenborg: 1907-1924 – The artists fall exhibition: 1908-1912. Salons des Tulliers, Paris: 1910. – Glaspalast, Munich:1911. – Espo internaz, Rome: 1912. Gallery Kleis: 1923. - Kunsthallen: 1931.