Ole Vind Preaching for King Christian IV and His Court (1885)

Lindeburg, Hans Peter (1854 - 1932)

Ole Vind Preaching for King Christian IV and His Court

Original: Hope Gallery Collection
Oil on Canvas: 44" x 78"
Catalog# LINH-001

Standing in a large, intimidating space, an eccentric and liberal priest charged with heresy stands before the king and his court preaching his beliefs. The room is given depth by the checkered floor and alternating woods in the ceiling. Tall, wide walls adorned with only tapestries and royal shields dwarf the 16 figures in the composition. The large fireplace is taller than the men and exhibits a gold relief mantle.

Dressed in a red velvet ensemble, King Christian lounges in his chair on a polar bear rug, surrounded by his court, listening to priest Vind. The priest, distanced from the royal court, stands teetering a chair on one of its legs as he preaches with arm raised. He is accompanied by an altar boy holding an over sized King Christian IV authorized bible. Both are dressed in black cloaks with white collars. Priest Vind stands trial before 13 figures: King Christian, his royal court, and two scribes. A guard stands ready by the window. They are all dressed in rich, bright colors, wearing traditional clothing (coat, waistcoat, shirt, collar, cravat, breeches and stockings) made of velvet, silk and lace. Their long boots are folded over; they wear a sash around their waists, belts across their chests, and large brimmed hats with feathers. The king listens intently to Vind’s words while his court scoffs and argues the priests teachings.

Later convinced of the priest’s beliefs, King Christian appoints Vind as priest to the royal court – a high honor for any ordained man.