Safety On The Rocks (1800's)

De Metz, Francois-Louis Lanfant (1814 - 1892)

Safety On The Rocks

Oil on Canvas: 19" x 15"
Catalog# DEMF-001

Late 1800's

Francois-Louis Lanfant de Metz(1814 - 1892)

Francois-Louis Lanfant de Metz is considered a genre and historical painter from the French School. He was born on August 23, 1814 and died in La Havre in 1892. Lanfant de Metz received his formal art training at the atelier of Dutch master painter Ary Scheffer in Orleans, France.

The wonderful small genre paintings of "bourgeois" children and grand historical works at Versailles by Scheffer were the single largest influence on the style and subjects of Lanfant de Metz.

He debuted at the Paris Salon of 1843 and continued as a regular until 1866.